Providing a Compass for a Lifetime of Journeys

Good, bad or necessary…behaviors of all types exist as a means to get our needs met.  Starting as infants, we spend our lives learning and discovering the cause and effect of our actions.  These experiences become the blueprints for behavior patterns; we learn to continue using behaviors that help get our needs met and stop using those that don’t.  In order to efficiently guide change in any behavior pattern, we must first discover and understand what it is about those activities that continues to work.  This is true whether we’re dealing with our children, spouses, students, coworkers, employees, or even (especially) ourselves.

Founded by Orange County Psychologist, Dr. Brett Patterson, Progressive Interventions' mission is to help facilitate change through a better understanding of those purposes and motivations that support problematic behavior patterns. Through education and collaboration, Progressive Interventions strives to provide clients with a set of tools to better navigate life's journey using empirically-based tools and interventions

Orange County Psychologist Brett Patterson, PhD