Managing Behaviors in the Classroom

Coping with challenging behaviors is a frequent point of frustration for teachers at all grade levels, and an increasingly common barrier to the social and academic success of elementary aged children.  This two session workshop for teachers and educators is intended to provide an applied comprehensive approach for evaluating and working with behaviors that challenge our personal and classroom resources.

Session 1:  Heading Difficult Behaviors off at the Pass:  An Introduction to Behavior Change Using Proactive Strategies.
The goal for this session is to identify proactive, communication-based strategies geared toward the prevention of difficult behaviors commonly seen in classroom settings. 

Session 2:  Why Are They Doing This To Me? Managing Resistant Behavior Patterns Using a Functional Assessment Model
For behaviors that may be resistant to proactive strategies, this session shares a formal, yet simple procedure for evaluating behaviors and developing comprehensive intervention plans that are targeted to the unique needs of each child

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