Exploring New Paths and Discovering Better Outcomes Through Individual Psychotherapy

Progressive Interventions emphasizes individual psychotherapy as a shared process for helping each client explore their unique pursuit of an improved life experience. Whether you are in need of support following a major life changing event, seeking assistance with personal behavior change, in search of strategies to reduce emotional suffering, or looking to create loving, honest relationships with others, individual psychotherapy can help people discover new and better pathways toward self-fulfillment.

Dr. Patterson's clinical philosophy recognizes that personal growth often emerges not just in what we learn from our various experiences and challenges, but in how we choose to apply those lessons in the future. To truly adapt and grow, the advantages and disadvantages of our existing behavior patterns must first be considered. Through increased awareness of our thoughts and behaviors we gain the ability to build on the things we do well, challenge the patterns that are ineffective or damaging, and then choose a course that better serves our overall health. This philosophy for change can be applied to adults and adolescents exhibiting a variety of symptoms, including those associated with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), depression, anxiety, stress management, and coping with significant life events (end of a relationship, loss of a loved one, work-related stress, etc.)

For parents wishing to participate in Dr. Patterson's individualized “Parent Coaching" specialty clinic, it is recommended that they first attend a Behavior Compass© workshop. While this is not a requirement for individual Parent Coaching services, the information discussed in the workshop is intended to allow parents a more efficient therapy experience.

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