Course Objectives

Our primary objective is to enrich family life by improving communication and the quality of parent-child relationships. Our Behavior Compass© curriculum presents a parenting model that allows families to navigate their own solutions with confidence, and without having to become dependent on expensive professionals for answers.

Course Structure: The Behavior Compass© workshop is tailored for parents with children ages 3 to 12 years old. The course consists of two 2.5-hour sessions discussing a common sense approach for improving behaviors. The goals for each session are:

Session 1: Behavior Intervention Using a "Prevention First" Model
Emphasis is on strategies to increase the behaviors you WANT to see. This process starts by learning to recognize and understand how frustration and stress can impact parenting decisions. Strategies for practicing self-awareness and self-care are presented as guide toward a more calm, prepared and confident approach with your child. This opens the door to greater success using positive reinforcement tools that are intended to encourage more of the behaviors we enjoy seeing.

Session 2: Functional Assessment of Behaviors
It is important to understand why “one-size-fits-all” approaches to dealing with difficult behaviors are often ineffective. This session provides a model for pinpointing specific behavior patterns in order to effectively guide the change. Discussions include the importance of asking "why does my child continue to behave this way” and “what is it about this behavior that is working for him/her?” By learning to ask and answer these questions, parents are better prepared to develop more effective intervention plans tailored to the child’s behaviors and needs. A step by step problem-solving model is provided for parents to practice and use at home.